Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) was designed to grow the economy by creating more employment and our task as consultants is to educate businesses in South Africa on how to implement tailor made BEE Strategies that will grow their business. The result of their continued compliance and improvement of their score in line with the Codes of Good Practice will go a long way in achieving a stronger economy.

We specialise in assisting our clients in improving their BBBEE Score Card by:

  • Providing them with tailor made solutions
  • Providing consultancy services in terms of advice on various BBBEE issues
  • Conducting file preparation services in anticipation of obtaining a BBBEE Certificate
  • Assisting in problem solving regarding various BBBEE issues across all 5 elements of the DTI Codes as well as sector specific solutions
  • Assisting and advising on Enterprise Development, Supplier Development and Socio Economic Development projects for our clients
  • Arranging and managing the BBBEE Certification process for our clients

BBBEE Consulting

Our aim is to meet with potential clients, listen to their needs and then to advise them on their options and how to best approach BBBEE certification.

BBBEE Problem Solving

We pride ourselves in our ability to uncover the issues that our clients are facing and to provide them with workable solutions that add value to their businesses.

Element Enhancement

In the current codes of good practice we consult and assist on enhancing any or all of the 5 elements for our clients.


Enterprise/Supplier Development & Procurement

The intention of this element is to assist “black” owned companies to grow their businesses with the ultimate goal of becoming financially and operationally independent.

Socio Economic Development

The objective of this element is to assist, equip or make resources available to beneficiaries so that they can be absorbed into the economy as an active participant.

BBBEE Certification

We arrange all the necessary documentation to be handed to the verification agent and assist in the management of this process with the goal being the issuing of the clients’ BBBEE Certificate.