BEE & More was established in 2007 by Tony Lamberti who has serviced over 250 clients in the past year and been involved in Socio-economic Development (SED) and Enterprise Development (ED) for the last 10 years.  We specialise in assisting clients in improving their BEE Score Card and arranging Verification Certificates for them.  We are 51% Black Owned and therefore are a Category “A” Beneficiary.  We are a 51% Black Owned Enterprise and we hold a Level 2 BEE Certificate and provide 125% preferential procurement recognition.  

We regularly meet people that are misinformed as to how BEE works and what it is designed to achieve.  Through our on-going educational programs, we assist in correcting these perceptions and clients are pleasantly surprised at the improvements in the scores they achieve.

The most common perception is that “you need to replace white people in the company with black people” which is not true.  The other common perception is that “I am black what more do you want from me?”

BBBEE is designed to provide a level playing field where start-up businesses can compete against multinationals based on their BEE Score Card. The intention is to increase the economy by skill transfers and development which will improve job creation and social upliftment.

At BEE & More, we do all of this whilst constantly striving to achieve the lowest cost per point, thereby ensuring a return on the investment for the client.